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 Dysphonia ~ We Talked about it !!!  

Thanks to everyone that attended our inaugural forum in October 2015,  especially our  guest speakers (below) and our supporters.

Watch for news of another event coming in the not-to-distant future.

The following key presenters have now been confirmed for ‘dysphonia~let’s talk about it’ a forum for people living with voice disorders, being held in Sydney on 17th October 2015.

DanDr Daniel Novakovic completed Australian Otolaryngology (ENT) training then fellowship training in Laryngology and Professional voice care in New York.

Dr Novakovic’s interests are in laryngeal / upper airway disorders, and he runs a multidisciplinary Voice & Swallowing Clinic.  He is Clinical Senior Lecturer for University of Sydney and board member of the Australian Voice Association.

Daniel has research interests in Respiratory Papillomatosis, Laser tissue interaction and Laryngeal Botulinum toxin and has published a number of research articles and book chapters on these topics. He is regularly an invited speaker at national and international scientific meetings in the field of Laryngology.


Judy head shot crop (2)Judith Rough has many years of experience as a Speech Pathologist, with a passion for the human voice, and a particular interest and expertise in the area of the voice and its disorders. She has pursued this interest in both the public and private sectors during her career, most recently as Senior Speech Pathologist (voice) at St Vincent’s Hospital and as clinical specialist in voice at Macquarie University Speech Clinic. She is also a casual lecturer at Macquarie University.

During her career, Judy has been involved in assessment and treatment of a wide variety of complex voice disorders. Recognising the close connection between the voice and the emotions, and the need to take a holistic approach to therapy, Judy has completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Communication.

She is currently the Vice-President of the Australian Voice Association


Rachael Cunningham Profile shot 2013 (2MB) (2)Rachael Cunningham is a vocal massage specialist and an opera singer,  who has sung professionally for Opera Australia since 1998. Rachael trained in massage at Nature Care College in Sydney, and since  graduation has specialised in Cranialsacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Body Unwinding and Myofascial Release to free the body and the voice.

Rachael uses a combination of gentle myofascial work, trigger point therapy and intra-oral work to help alleviate tension around the neck, and re-establish a neutral position of the larynx and hyoid bone. Rachael works as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside ENT and speech therapists to support and help in vocal recovery.

Vocal massage can free muscles in order to get the most benefit from treatment, and which helps when trying to create new habits in vocalisation.


FullSizeRender (4)Louise Bale    began her career in Healthcare as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, and has worked as a Health Promotion professional for the past  25years.  With qualifications in health promotion, community development  and leadership, she is now also nearing completion of her studies in Social Work.

Since developing a neurological voice disorder 9 years ago, Louise knows the daily challenges of living with dysphonia. She has become a passionate advocate for people with voice disorders, and in raising awareness of voice health and voice care.

In 2014 she contributed to a  senate enquiry into the delivery of speech and voice related health services, and in the same year, took up the role of  National Co-ordinator for the global celebration of World Voice Day here in Australia, a position which she continues to hold.


The forum will provide opportunities for discussion,  sharing  tips for living with a chronic voice disorder and guiding the establishment of this brand new support network .

4 thoughts on “Forum Speakers Announced

  1. Hi, this sounds so interesting. Will there be recording available after the event? I dont think I can make it to Sydney 😔


    1. Hi Hayley – we are in the process of sorting that out.
      Our hope is that the presentations will be available as videos on this site …. so please keep checking back with us and I will be sure to share as much of the day as possible. Thanks for your interest.


  2. Being a laryngoligist based in Brisbane I won’t be able to attend the forum but am delighted and excited to see this initiative. It is a great step forward for managing chronic voice disorders in Australia in a multi-disciplinary manner. I wish the Dysphonia Network all the success and am available for discussion, talks, answering questions and input in any way possible. Dr Matt Broadhurst,

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