time to reflect

It’s time to sit back and have a quiet reflection.

On this weekend, exactly  one year ago, a couple of us ‘vocally challenged’ individuals hosted ‘Dysphonia~ let’s talk about it’… a forum for others affected by, or interested in, voice disorders.

It’s true to say, while we thought it was a great idea, we had no idea whether anyone would bother to come… But they did… 40 people who know what it’s like to live in a world where communication comes so easily for most, but is so damn difficult for others.

For many people and their supporters, it was the first time they had met others like them…people who understood their daily frustrations and who knew it was not all in their head. And then of course, there were the amazing voice health professionals who shared their time, their expertise and their compassion with no strings attached, just a desire to help us to better understand dysphonia …and show their support.

It was on that day last year, that a decision was made to create something for us and for others in the same situation…. To create a network of those personally impacted by a voice disorder and interested professionals, and to start and make some noise about dysphonia here in Australia.

So… here we are 12 months down the track and it feels like a great time for a little ‘back patting’ and time to thank everyone that has been involved along the way. Whatever your role was, or continues to be ….we thank you as we celebrate some of the following milestones and achievements.

  • October ‘15…  A committee of amazing, hard-working and vocally challenged folk with some brilliant and diverse skills was formed.
  • February ‘16… the Australian Dysphonia Network became Incorporated and fully registered entity.
  • April ’16 …Official Launch on World Voice Day, our first fundraising effort nets approx. $11,000.
  • May ’16…Strategic Planning Day – priorities and directions were set.
  • June ’16…Australian Dysphonia Network Inc became a Registered Charity with ASIC.

AND ….While all this establishing has been going on, we have….

  • connected with over 100 voice health professionals across the country… Doctors, Speech Pathologists and supporting voice practitioners.
  • established close relationships with University of Newcastle and Western Sydney University.
  • produced a range of downloadable information and free support resources.
  • presented to final year Speech Pathology Students on the impact of life with a voice disorder.
  • begun exploring the development of a personal amplification system in partnership with WSU.
  • established a ‘closed discussion group’ to connect and support people affected.
  • responded to approximately 50 individual email requests for information, referral or support, connecting people and strengthening the network.

And it’s only just the beginning ……. Thank you to everyone who has played a role in any part of our achievements so far.

Want to get involved? drop us a line
Want to donate? (all donations are fully tax-deductible) HERE
Want to become a sponsor? your choice to be an ongoing sponsor of ADNinc or to sponsor and be a part of one of our World Voice Day events.

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