meet the board

Almost 3 years in, and a whole lot of hard work, the dedicated Board of the ADN have kicked some real goals…. Here they are, at your disposal !

Lou     Louise Bale: President

Originally a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Louise has worked as a Snr Health Promotion Officer with NSW Health for the past 25 years. With qualifications in Health Promotion and Adaptive Leadership, Louise is also nearing the end of Social Work studies at Charles Sturt University.

Throughout her career in Health Promotion, she has received State and National recognition for her work in developing innovative programs and community partnerships in the field of drug use.

Louise is married with two adult children and  has lived with a voice disorder since 2006. She has been passionate about providing support for others impacted by the life changing impacts of dysphonia,  and has been the Australian National Co-ordinator for World Voice Day since 2013

brenda     Brenda Simmonds: Vice President

Brenda comes from a sales and administrative/bookkeeping background. She has 3 lovely children and is also a grandmother.

Brenda has been living with a voice disorder since 2009. She is passionate about helping others that have been impacted by dysphonia and has been involved with the Sydney based World Voice Day committee since 2013.

Brenda developed a voice disorder in her early 40’s as part of a neurological condition. Despite her limitations, she works full time and is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of voice in every aspect of life.

Greg     Greg Davis: Treasurer / Public Officer

Greg has worked in several management roles within the mutual financial institution (non-bank) sector for the past 35 years. With qualifications in business management and leadership.

Throughout his career Greg has played an active role in several volunteer organisations from local business chambers to currently being a member of the Newcastle Lake Macquarie Cancer Council Relay For Life committee.

Greg has a teenage daughter and has had an interest in voice disorders since 2008. He is passionate about providing support for others impacted by dysphonia.

Lyn     Lyn White: Board Member

Lyn is many years retired, after fourteen years at an Industrial Design consultancy, Design Field Pty Ltd, and following that several years with Collette Dinnigan as she launched her exclusive fashion label on the international market.  In retirement Lyn worked casually for a number of years at a  Wholistic Medical Centre and also helped out various small businesses.

In 2011, after years of being in remission, Lyn had a significant flare-up of Multiple Sclerosis and during this time was also diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Lyn has two daughters and six grandchildren ranging from babies to adults, so enjoys time with them. Already very involved in her community in local Council voluntary positions, and being on committees at Balmain Hospital, Probus, and various community associations, Lyn is excited to be part of the Network which aims to provide support to others with dysphonia, and World Voice Day Australia.

Sue     Sue-Ellen Woods: Secretary

An ex-primary school teacher, Sue has worked in the NSW public service for over 30 years. She currently works in the Government Relations Unit at Fire & Rescue NSW in Sydney.

Sue underwent cervical spine surgery in 2012 which led to major complications, including the loss of the use of her right vocal chord.  Sue had reparative surgery in 2014 whereby a piece of Gortex was implanted into her voice box to help her vocal chords reconnect, however, her voice disorder persists.

At the first forum for people with voice disorders in Sydney, Sue felt that the days of feeling isolated and misunderstood were finally over! The forum was the first time she could connect with others with similar issues and this inspired her to become part of the Committee.  Sue intends to be there for you too.


Story coming soon     Judith Rough: Board Member

committee nomination-form-adn



3 thoughts on “meet the board

  1. I am moved by all your testimonies. I am from Papua New Guinea and I am also suffering from AD.Unfortunately, we don’t have any Speech Pathology services up here.I was also adviced to get botox treatment overseas by my ENT Specialist.
    I really need your help so I can be an advocate for people with voice disorders in my country.


    1. Lovely to meet you Florence and we’re so sorry you are having difficulties with finding treatment locally… I can imagine your frustration.
      How wonderful that you want to advocate for better services 🙂 I look forward to contacting you by email. Louise


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