It’s almost Christmas..So Drink, be merry and raise money for ADN

Whether you are looking for the perfect corporate ‘Thank You’ gift, planning a festive  family gathering …or just looking forward to a quiet glass of wine over the holiday season this fundraiser is for you.

How can you lose? You sort your Christmas shopping ( or stock your cellar) while the Australian Dysphonia Network benefits with $4 from each bottle sold, helping to support our advocacy and research projects. While you’re here take a look around and see what we get up to.

The Winepoint specialises in wines sourced from boutique vineyards and wineries in Australia and New Zealand. They are true to regional and varietal style, are delicious and offer outstanding value for money (and they come with a money back guarantee).

So…. the only thing left to do is CLICK HERE and go shopping.

Thank You!

“Wine….cheaper than botox, and paralyses more muscles”




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