Voice Awareness Month 2018

Voice Awareness Month is well and truly over … the debriefing and reflections are now complete.
In summary we can say that it was a busy and productive time, with ever growing interest in voice health, and an increasing awareness of when ‘good times turn bad’.

With the support of our friends and sponsors we achieved:

142 media bites (articles and/or interviews) with a focus on the importance of voice in daily life,  voice care and voice disorders.

Distribution of  Voice Awareness Month resources and ADN Promo material to 150 Speech Pathologists and Specialist Voice Clinics.

‘Care of the Performing Voice’ a Workshop for Voice Teachers @ Penrith Conservatorium of Music. Delivered in partnership with the Australian Voice Association and facilitated by Judith Rough.

2 World Voice Day Celebration &Fundraising Concerts

  • Hunter in Harmony – Featuring Francine Bell, Melinda Schneider, Judith Rough and a stunning line up of vocal talents.
  • Voices in the Valley – Starring Anthony Ackroyd, Drew McAlister, Judith Rough and a stunning line up of vocal talents.

Invitation to the Official Launch of Dr Liang Voice Program @ USyd

Dedicated fundraising performance by the beautiful and talented Yianna Nicholas.

In the month of April we were very social with:

1166 new visitors to our website

10.5% increase in the number of facebook friends

10% increase in membership of ‘Dysphonia Let’s Talk about it’ our closed Dysphonia Support Group

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