#NoBall – the best event you’ll never attend – join us and WIN

#NoBall – attend our non-event and you could win a $3000 open travel account.

Like all self-respecting charities, the Australian Dysphonia Network needs to raise funds.

Funds that help us to achieve our goals of increasing research, supporting those affected, and advocating for improved early diagnosis and management of life changing voice disorders. Because Voice MATTERS.

Many charities rely on an Annual Gala Ball to help fuel their fundraising efforts…. BUT we like to be different. We are proposing to actually SAVE you money by NOT having a ball…. because we have NoBalls!

We will still sell you a ticket and talk up the glamour and excitement, BUT  look what you save.

NO new dress or dinner suit                                                                                                       $200

NO fancy and expensive hairdo                                                                                                 $120

NO makeup artist or fake tan                                                                                                       $60

NO babysitter                                                                                                                                   $60

NO premium priced ticket                                                                                                           $200

In short … you get to stay home put your feet up because there is #NoBall (and we just saved you approximately $640)

Plus there is no straining your voice to make small talk with people you don’t know (and we all know that’s PRICELESS!)


  • Tickets go on sale World Voice Day 16th April  @$100pp
  • #NoBall will be held on Friday 28th June 2019.
  • Join us in our exclusive on-line Ballroom and share photos or video of YOUR non-event.
  • Each ticket gives you access to the non-event, PLUS  free entry in the lucky #NoDoor prize draw of  $3000 travel money to go ANYWHERE you choose.
  • #NoDoor winner will be drawn live and announced via social media channels during the non-event.

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE – You can: buy an individual seat, take a friend or loved one, or get a group together and buy a table of 10.

Then feel free to:

  • stay home and have a BBQ
  • arrange an Office Party
  • or just curl up with a tub of ice-cream and watch Netflix.

Whatever you do – you can share your pics on our specially created #NoBall Ballroom site, and across social media with the hashtag NoBall.

WHY #NoBall?

  • We want to raise awareness of voice as an integral part of human existence.
  • We want to generate interest in the work that is happening in the research and advocacy space
  • We want VOICE to be valued as much as vision & hearing
  • We want your support now and into the future to grow our advocacy, support and research initiatives.

The #NoBall aims to generate interest in, and raise awareness of, voice disorders.  So remember, if you’re talking about #NoBall  throw in a few gems about voice and voice disorders.  Check out our Fabulous Fun facts

See #NoBall Terms and Conditions.

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