Creative Writing Hub

When our voice fails us – it’s time to write ….

For World Voice Day this year, we put a shout out to out networks and asked people to share their experiences and thoughts about voice, in the form of a creative writing piece.

What follows is a selection of poetry and prose that help to express some innermost thoughts and emotions.

We hope that you find something that resonates with your own experiences – or sparks your curiosity and interest in the daily impact of a chronic voice disorder.

Thank you to those who contributed, it is a brave soul who shares their thoughts for the world to see sometimes it can feel like ‘walking naked in Pitt Street’ for that reason some of our authors have chosen a pseudonym or to remain anonymous,

While this project was launched to celebrate World Voice Day, we would love to add new pieces over time, so if you would like to add to our collection of creative writing, please contact us here.

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