As many of you are aware, World Voice Day is acknowledged annually on April 16th. It is a day to focus attention on the voice, to celebrate its magic and beauty …as well as to raise awareness of ‘when good times turn bad’.

This year the Australian Dysphonia Network is inviting people to contribute to a Creative Writing Project.

We know that for many people, writing is a great release when faced with voice loss or dysfunction….It can help to get out those words that often feel trapped inside our head. BUT this project is not only open to those affected, it’s there for anyone who wants to share their innermost thoughts, feelings and wisdom about the human voice.

There are no real rules – just a few guidelines :

1/ Formats include (but not limited to)- short stories, poetry, song lyrics (you may even want to record something)

2/ There is no word limit – but remember attention spans have shrunk…so, often less is more.

3/ You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.

4/ You will need to download and sign the release form, to allow us to publish on our social pages and website

5/ This is NOT a competition – just a chance to help share some of our thoughts and feelings through a creative outlet.

6/ The project is open to all who are interested in, or touched by voice issues (family, friends, Speech Pathologists etc)

7/ There is no limit to the number of submissions that you can send us.

8/ All submissions to be sent by email to

Submissions close 31st March so that we can format ready for WVD.

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