In 2022, we have taken a slightly different approach to raising awareness of voice disorders. We are lighting up 75 landmarks across the country in order to start some conversations about voice disorders, AND and we are calling on all our friends and supporters to assist.

Listen to ABC Qld Breakfast Radio interview with our Chairperson Louise Bale to hear a little more about dysphonia and the ADN Campaign

On and around 16th April, you can help us by sharing a social media post from our kit (click HERE), wearing a T shirt, carrying a tote bag, displaying a bumper sticker, or making a donation. You can also help us by engaging with our National ‘light up campaign’. Whatever you do to help, we simply want people to ‘talk about talking’.

Thank you to each and every one of the locations that are supporting our ‘light-up initiative’.

The interest has been so much more than we anticipated, so please get out and check the sites and share your pics on social media.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales for our merchandise campaign will run until 22/3/22 HAVE NOW CLOSED. But take a look at what you missed out on …… Merch to share the message that our voices matter just as much as our vision and hearing.

Thanks to our friends at PrintLocker Custom T Shirts for the great service and quality products

If you are not into T shirts and bags – Why not sport a bumper sticker for just $7 (inc p&h). Order your sticker HERE OR make a cash donation HERE

Why get involved?

to help us speak up for people with voice disorders, because they can’t

2 thoughts on “LIGHT UP for WORLD VOICE DAY 2022

  1. Have you any basic signing devices for really bad days I have the masks and bumper sticker.
    Ie simple Auslan (is there a collaboration?)for basic needs,
    “Please be patient,
    “Voice disorder”
    “Please””thank you”


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