How to survive Christmas with a voice disorder

…and to help you take good care of yourself.

We all know the pressure of counting down to Christmas . The rush to tidy up work tasks before ending the year, preparing for family events, shopping frenzies to buy food and gifts, and endless invitations to catch up with friends and loved ones.

Even if you LOVE Christmas, it can be exhausting just thinking about it… let alone doing it all with a voice disorder.

It’s a great idea to plan ahead, and try to minimise the added stress of competing with all that  noise (inside and outside of your head).

So … our Christmas gift to you .

ADN’s 10 top Christmas Survival Tips 

  1. Avoid the crowds, try shopping late at night or first thing in the morning  (before or after the jingle bells and carollers).
  2. Make sure you take a pad & pen, your ‘text to talk’ app or your  phones ‘notes’ page  for the shop assistant that can’t hear you.
  3. Don’t feel compelled to accept EVERY social invitation. If you do…know that it’s OK to have a drink, smile a lot and then leave before the frustration sets in.  At least you were there.
  4. If hosting or attending a gathering at home, try being the gracious host by sharing the food around. There is nothing better than  having ‘a purpose’ to keep you moving and avoid too much awkward small talk.
  5. Try to maintain a good sleep routine and avoid getting over-tired. A tired dysphonic has no stamina.
  6. Some of us a lucky enough to be alcohol responsive – meaning that Christmas is a good time to ‘drink medicinally’ and find our voice. But remember, if you can talk…. you probably can’t drive.
  7. Try to maximise the opportunities for voice rest. If you work at a desk job, try wearing headphones…it’s a great sign that you don’t feel like joining in the office chit chat.
  8. Book yourself some self care. A laryngeal massage may be just what the Dr ordered.
  9. Dust off those vocal exercise sheets you’ve been given by the speech therapist and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE (perhaps even book a speech therapy appt)
  10. Remember …on 26th December it’s all over for another year, so keep it in perspective.

Let us know if you have any other ‘tried and true’ methods to make it out the other side with a smile on your face.

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