Four Sydney based Voice Health Professionals share their thoughts on the significant role that voice plays in our daily life, and the challenges of diagnosis and management.

Dysphonia & The Value of Voice

Trying to help people to understand the importance of voice, and why they should care ? This 90sec promo clip may help

The Value of Voice

ABC Radio – Conversations with Richard Fidler

Robyn Mundy – The Antarctic Voyage which helped end a decade of silence

Fundraising Variety Concert~ World Voice Day Celebrations 2016

Sing-it-Sydney @ Paddington Town Hall

Dr Daniel Novakovic -Voice Disorders 101

 From function to dysfunction ~ how and why the voice can let you down

National Geographic – One of the most powerful voices explored

Steve Tyler ~ the incredible human machine

Judy Rough – A look at the impact of diagnosis

So I have a voice disorder  ~ what do I do with it? (part 1)

Judy Rough – Some tips for living with and managing your dysphonia

So I have a voice disorder ~ what do I do with it ? (part2)

Rachael Cunningham – A complementary approach to dysphonia management

Laryngeal massage for dysphonia

Vanderbilt Voice Centre – See the effect of massage for yourself

Myofascial Release throat massage

A personal journey of hope, with spasmodic dysphonia  (podcast)

Emily Mullin: Losing my voice