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Listen to Chairperson Louise Bale being interviewed on the ABC Qld Morning Program, to hear about the ADN World Voice Day Campaign, and a little about life with spasmodic dysphonia.

 Michelle shares her experience of trying to get a firm diagnosis. Currently she undergoes regular procedures to reduce the voice strain and help her to be heard, yet she manages to maintain an optimistic outlook.


Brenda lives with a complex neurological disorder called Myasthenia Gravis. MG causes widespread muscle fatigue and in many cases it has dramatic effect on the muscles required for clear, strong voicing.


Ellie talks about being a young woman and the challenges of having a social life, relationships and the biggest one to come to terms with … that fact that she is actually a practising Speech Pathologist …with SD.


Justine talks about the impact on her career as a school teacher and her refusal to ‘give up on living’.


Carolyn shares her experience of living with a voice disorder that is still yet to be formally diagnosed. She has been searching for answers, while as a teacher her career has been upturned, and her family life impacted. She remains philosophical and optimistic but the challenges are significant.


Greg is at the peak of his botox treatment and happy to share a little of his Spasmodic Dysphonia story. From an unexpected career change through to the frustration of the drive-through, he is pragmatic and honest about the impact his voice disorder has had on his daily life.


Mark has spent all of his life entertaining people. With a stage career that started in childhood, his voice has been his trademark, income and identity… that was, until Spasmodic Dysphonia came along.


Lyn lives with Multiple Sclerosis and has Mixed Spasmodic Dysphonia plus Tremor. She speaks of the difficulties being diagnosed, and then the lack of understanding about voice disorders in the medical profession as well as the wider public.


Passionate about raising awareness Louise shares a little of her experience of 15 years with Mixed Spasmodic Dysphonia. Always a chatterbox, over the years she has found ways to trick her brain into dodging or at least reducing spasms, while fine-tuning her botox regime. She is still talking – even when she struggles.


Hear first hand, the experience of life with a chronic voice disorder. This warm and engaging documentary explores the lives of 8 Australians who are living with dysphonia.

Breaking the Silence – Life with a Chronic Voice Disorder

Four Sydney based Voice Health Professionals share their thoughts on the significant role that voice plays in our daily life, and the challenges of diagnosis and management.

Dysphonia & The Value of Voice

Trying to help people to understand the importance of voice, and why they should care ? This 90sec promo clip may help

The Value of Voice

ABC Radio – Conversations with Richard Fidler

Robyn Mundy – The Antarctic Voyage which helped end a decade of silence

Fundraising Variety Concert~ World Voice Day Celebrations 2016

Sing-it-Sydney @ Paddington Town Hall

Dr Daniel Novakovic -Voice Disorders 101

 From function to dysfunction ~ how and why the voice can let you down

National Geographic – One of the most powerful voices explored

Steve Tyler ~ the incredible human machine

Judy Rough – A look at the impact of diagnosis

So I have a voice disorder  ~ what do I do with it? (part 1)

Judy Rough – Some tips for living with and managing your dysphonia

So I have a voice disorder ~ what do I do with it ? (part2)

Rachael Cunningham – A complementary approach to dysphonia management

Laryngeal massage for dysphonia

Vanderbilt Voice Centre – See the effect of massage for yourself

Myofascial Release throat massage

A personal journey of hope, with spasmodic dysphonia  (podcast)

Emily Mullin: Losing my voice