Film Project

In April 2019, the ADN was fortunate to receive a generous community grant from Grace International.  The money was used to fulfil a long held dream – the production of a number of educational videos which highlight the importance of voice, and the daily experiences of those living with chronic dysphonia.

We wanted to tell the story that never gets heard, so we’re excited to finally share our 2 feature productions.

‘Dysphonia & The Value of Voice’ stars 4 Sydney based Voice Health Professionals who take us through some of the issues of dysphonia diagnosis and management in easy to digest language.  Supported by 5 brave people who know the daily challenges of a voice disorder, this film helps to shed light on some of the trickier aspects of dysphonia diagnosis and management, but leaves us feeling hopeful.


Our second feature film ‘Breaking the Silence – Life with a Chronic Voice Disorder’   is another documentary style film, but this time it shares the highs and lows of life with dysphonia straight from the source. Questions are posed to 8 people who know the challenges first hand, and it soon becomes obvious that no matter the actual cause & diagnosis, the experience of a chronic voice change is remarkably similar and life changing.

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