Have a coffee on us

There is no doubt that one of the simplest tasks, yet most tricky when you are vocally challenged, is to order your own coffee.

The buzz of the cafe, the steam of the espresso machine and the clatter of crockery make it impossible to be heard; and then the well-meaning barista gets personal by asking for, not just your order …but your name. GULP !

Of course one option is to use the fabulous ADN Cafe card – BUT if you just want to blend in with the ‘Cafe-Set’ AND be environmental friendly – we have the perfect solution.

‘Inspired by Frankie’  the ADN Menu Mug was conceived after a brief chat with one of our people. Her problem solving to approach to the daily challenge of coffee ordering also helps to raise some funds for our work.

Pop over to our Marketplace for instructions on how to:  (1) order your very own mug, (2) support the ongoing work of the ADN…. and (3) save the environment. What have you got to lose?

If you’re not a coffee consumer, don’t panic… the mug also has options for tea, chai and hot chocolate.

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