Media Moments – the public voice of dysphonia

April 2022 World Voice Day 

Just a couple of the radio interviews that were able to highlight the importance of having a healthy voice, and how the ADN is campaigning to get that message across.

Mornings in ABC Queensland Radio (01:05:00)

Ultra106Five Radio in Tasmania

Read more about the ADN ‘light up’ Campaign here

August 2018

9Honey took time to highlight some of the challenges of life with Spasmodic Dysphonia through an interview with the wonderfully bubbly and  resilient Justine Kingham.

Read Justine’s story HERE .

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 12.06.59 AM


15th October 2018

We could not have hoped for a better platform to share the voice of the Network, than the ABC’S Radio National Health Report with Dr Norman Swan. 

It was a brilliant opportunity for awareness raising and advocacy … and to simply encourage people to ‘talk-about-talking’; as well as to seek advice and support when they notice voice changes.

Take a listen to the Health Report aired 15.10.2018 – (play intro then fast forward to 14min.10sec)


23rd October 2018


And then THIS …. after presenter Joe Hildebrand  temporarily ‘lost his voice’, his interest in voice disorders skyrocketed, resulting in ADN President Louise Bale being invited to the Studio 10 panel.

Read the story and watch a snippet of the interview HERE

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