our mission and vision

Our Mission

The Australian Dysphonia Network Inc is a not-for-profit organisation run by, and for, people affected by voice disorders. We provide support and help to others affected by dysphonia, while educating, lobbying and raising awareness of voice disorders within the community and the medical profession. The Australian Dysphonia Network Inc  works in collaboration with voice healthcare professionals for mutual benefit.


Our Vision

That all Australians experiencing chronic voice disorders, are able to access early diagnosis, management and treatment and that they are aware of and feel supported by the Australian Dysphonia Network Inc.


Our Strengths

  • We are a network of people with lived experience of dysphonia, who share a passion for supporting others.
  • We represent a diverse range of professional skills and expertise.
  • We are optimistic and we value wellness.

3 thoughts on “our mission and vision

  1. Congratulations on forming this much needed network and support system. I heard about your organisation on Radio National.
    I know of two people who are struggling to speak after throat operations.
    I had a problem myself a few years back with a continually hoarse, strained voice.
    It was checked out and nothing physically wrong but stress was causing my problem.
    As a voice coach I am very interested in this area and wish you the very best with your work.


    1. Thank you for that very warm reception Camille.
      We all feel passionately about the need to connect and support each other, while at the same time, doing our part to advocate for research into the full life impact of chronic voice issues.
      We are excited when we received feedback like yours… so thank you.
      You may have seen our upcoming forum in Sydney – you and/or your voice affected contacts are very welcome to join us. https://australiandysphonianetwork.org/2018/06/25/forum-2018/


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