Free things to make living with dysphonia, a little bit easier

We all know the struggle of meeting new people and explaining our vocal difficulties, or  the challenge of simply placing and order at the cafe.

These small business cards can help to break the ice and get the listener’s attention (before the frustration kicks in).

Cards are free, (max 10 of each), so why not order a bundle and give them a try. What a great conversation starter !

ADN_Introduction CardADN_Cafe Order_Card








It can be hard explaining your voice issues to family and friends, so this tri fold DL brochure below is a great help; explaining dysphonia in easy to understand language. Max 2 brochures available free of charge.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 2.15.51 PM

Voice Health Professionals are welcome to order a bundle of resources for your waiting room, for the cost of postage. Please drop us a line and we can sort that out.

5 thoughts on “Free things to make living with dysphonia, a little bit easier

  1. My address is Robert Foster 1950 Indiana street Huntington Indiana 46750 USA
    If postage is to high I understand. Just don’t send.


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